06 janvier 2007

Dépot de candidature Ecosy

Puisque tout cela est maintenant très officiel :

To the Control Commission of ECOSY
Rue du Trône 98
1050 Bruxelles

Objet: Candidacy to the position of Vice-President of Ecosy

Dear Comrades,

As the letter here attached shows, MJS Belgium designated me as a candidate to the position of Vice-President of ECOSY.

Ever since I joined MJS, at the end of my studies – and even before, as a student activist – I have always been convinced of the necessity to profoundly change the structures of society to make it a properly inclusive and democratic one. And socialism appeared as the most pertinent way to lead to the social changes that were needed. At the same time, it struck me that such a will of change could not be limited to the mere national level. In our modern society, more than ever, workers do not have a fatherland! I am convinced of the importance of internationalism in this context.

This is the reason why I first joined in ECOSY activities, first as a grassroot activists at summer universities, seminars and so on, following the opportunities that the strong commitment of MJS to our common organisation provided, and then as a Bureau Member during the last mandate.

In the course of these last two years, ECOSY engaged in an important reformation process, as is shown by the modification of our statutes and especially by the revision of our position paper, and ran a efficient campaign in favour of a Social Europe, thanks to the work of the former presidium and especially of the Secretary General.

Up till now, the Young European Socialist has been successful in creating a common identity to our activists across Europe. This activist force must now be used to put Ecosy as the spearpoint of the social struggle, at the advant-garde of the PES. On such major issues for the future of a Social Europe as the defense of Public services, the minimum wage, the working time reduction, the tackling of an ageing society through the management of immigration and the integration thereof or the Policies of the Union towards the neighbouring countries, it is now time to forge our organisation as an efficient tool of political lobby towards the Union authorities.

This is the mandate for which the MJS, and myself, are putting forward my candidacy for the position of vice-President of ECOSY.


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