29 octobre 2008

One week to go

Right, folks. So far I didn't bother to mention the next US elections on this blog (oh well, I know, I haven't written anything in English for ages, too).

Not that it is not important or anything. But, honnest, stating that I stand for the Democratic Party* on this blog would be no news for any reader, and of no use from a campaign point of view.

Besides, ever since Nuremberg, I rather keep my distances from mass hysteria whatever form it takes** - so I "rather kept my distances" from the nerve-breaking Obamania we had to go through lately. And yes, it seems that I have got this tendency to pick the wrong bloke in primaries, as I stood for Hillary in the last rounds of the pre-campaign.

But anyway, this clip brought back some good memories, and I would hate to be the only one laughing my head off in front of my computer during office hours. So here you go:

Ah, and if you don't know what to do on the 4th of november, join us (belgian comittee for Barck Obama, chairman Elio D.) at the "Maison du Peuple" Café on the Parvis de St-Gilles. Politics on big screen - a welcome change from football, now and then

* Note to Italian friends: this is a comment only valid for the US.

** Note to long-haired-headbangers: nothing to do with the metal band.

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