27 juillet 2007

Belgium explained to a Swedish comrade - an introduction

Reading my favorite daily broadsheet "Le Soir" I cannot help crying over the priorities put forward by our reporters. For the third day in a row, the 5 first pages of the newspaper are dedicated to drug abuses among the asmathic athletes of the Tour de France. Negotiations over the new government are sent back to page 6. And the story of Angelica, aged 11, locked up in a prison for migrants waiting to be deported to page 7.

In the meantime, it seems that Jean-Pierre Stroobant is the only journalist left in "Le Monde" redaction. Meaning that French readers are filled with an unusual amount of information about the political situation in Belgium. And often inaccurate or partisan ones for that matter.

As I would not like my international friends to believe that Belgian people in holidays suddenly turn into careless drug-and-bicycle-hypnotised fascists, and as I do not mind partisan informations as long as all parties pour their own propaganda, I thought it was about time to update my dear readers on what our situation looks like now, how are the negotiations advancing, what are the propositions on the table and where do the boobytraps lay...

This is the purpose of this short three-or-four folded series that I'll post from today on. Stay tuned.

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