01 octobre 2006

Farewell M. Schussel!!!

After the electoral setback of our Swedish comrades a couple of weeks ago, I was fairly sceptical regarding the chances of success of the left in Europe.
But life is full of surprises. We just heard that right wing Chancelor Schussel implicitely conceded vistory to the Austrian Social Democratic party a couple of hours ago!
It would not be the first time that night fell on an alledged victory of the socialist only to wake up with a right wing government so I will not shout victory too soon... But I don't want to spoil the party either so, congratulations to our comrades from SJO and VSSTO and three cheers to the kicking of the extreme right out of power in Austria!
Let us hope that the Belgian voters will follow the example of the Austrians and that we will be in the mood for celebration next week as well.

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