28 septembre 2007

I want to ride my bicycle!

I was thinking of a post on the mobility week in Brussels. But this piece of very distantly related information seems quite a lot more useful.

People, Workers and Union often feel completely helpless when comes the announcement of delocalisations. The factory is to close down, and the only thing you can still fight for is a decent compensation or the activation of public funds to help you out of the labour market (early retirement schemes, etc...) or to recycle into a new job.

But if one or the other was to advance the idea to get the production running again on a self-organised pattern, he would more often than not hear comments like "this is not Argentina, this is not an option". Well, it would seem that some people in Germany know better.

When the owners of Bike System GmbH, Nordhausen (Thuringen), decided to shut down the iron curtain on their production line, the workers decided to pick it up and to organise the production and distribution of their own "strike bike". If they manage to have 1800 of those ordered by october the 2nd, they will not only secure the survival of their jobs. They will also show that other organisation of the labour market is actually possible, even in our post modern west.

If you have any say in any kind of organisation with access to some financial ressources (especially in Germany), help them out, and bike your way to socialism: each bike costs 275 euros only... All the details and procedures are here

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